Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nursing School

A pictorial review of my first and half-way through my second semesters of nursing school.
what my desk looked like on the first day of classes

My real study space!
A sample of textbooks for nursing school...my stack is actually bigger!
What happens in study group stays in study group
What I learned in long term care.

Acute care...C. diff.  Enough said.
Me in OB/Women's Health clinical.

I know, A stereotype...it's true for the nurse on the PEDS unit I am on now though.

Psych in 4 weeks...will this be my unit preceptor?

Official nursing Dx for my cohort.


Raine said...

that looks like a hecka lot work! Im trying to post this response here but dont know if I can read the little letter thingys right or not

Alyssa Queen said...

Seems about accurate! Best of luck with the rest of school!! :)