Sunday, January 6, 2008


I am thinking I may have started this blog a little too early...I'm not even ready to apply to nursing school yet! However, I will try to continue to post here occasionally. It is probably going to be more of a "school blog" than a "nursing blog" for a while though.

The Fall semester is over...I passed Anatomy. Everyone in my study group passed. Thank heavens because that is one class I REALLY would not like to repeat!

The Spring semester starts the 14th. I have no core sciences this semester. I decided to hold off on the two remaining and to focus on the GE I need for the State University (which I will be transferring to next Fall). So the coming semester consists of Speech 1A (yuck), Statistics, English 5 (critical thinking, instead of Philosophy), Chemistry 42 (to boost my Chem grade for pre-nursing transfer requirements) and weight training. I am taking the weight training class so I have a set time when I will exercise...if I just try to say "from this time to this other time I will exercise"...I won't! This way, I'm getting a grade...have to show up and participate. I also decided to take the 1 1/2 unit class instead of the 1 unit class. This gives me an hour and a half each class session instead of an hour...enough time to de some cardio AND weight train (elipticals, stair steppers and various style of stationary bikes in the gym).


News on the State University front...

I got my official acceptance letter at the beginning of December...contingent on a couple classes I am taking this Spring. There is of course a bunch of stuff I have to do to get ready to go there... send a deposit, attend orientation, visit Disabled Students, a counselor, Financial aid, apply for scholarships, get my immunization records etc! Gracias mucho to my npdoc who pointed out a few weeks ago that I should look into scholarships immediately (even though Anatomy wasn't over) because of deadlines! She was absolutely right!! The two big ones I am applying for had January of them was January 2nd. That app. went out on the 2nd...minus official transcripts since campus was closed. I did include a note about campus being closed and will go order official transcripts to be sent directly, tomorrow. The other scholarship has a deadline of January 15th...I will get that one out this week...just have to finish up the essay.