Thursday, March 12, 2009

Well...I did it. I spoke to a Biology Department adviser and am now an officially declared Biology minor. I have to take two, three unit 100-level classes, and then I need four units of upper division Bio (with lab). That's it. I'm considering Medical Microbiology, Immunology, and Virology...but there may be something else that sounds really interesting.

In other news...the two other Physiology TA's and I just finished correcting our portion of the first midterm for Physio. We corrected the multiple choice and the short essay questions...the Professor is correcting the two long essays. Good grief they did terribly! Average on the multiple choice was 48% person got 98% and one got 96%...of course this pulled up the average, so you can imagine just how bad it was. One of the questions I corrected was, "What is a goiter? How does it occur (be specific)? How can hyperthyroidism cause a goiter? Hypothyroidism?". One answer was "A goiter is a lump, sometimes in the neck. Hyperthyroidism is because there's too much. Hypothyrodism is because there's too little". I kid you not! No one mentioned TSH, TRH, negative feedback, or recepter activity; few mentioned Iodine...and one that did simply said that salt in America is iodized so no one in America gets goiters because there isn't a lack of Iodine in the diet!

Maybe more than one person will start showing up for study review sessions each week?!?

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I am now a second semester junior. As it stands now my majors are officially Sociology and Pre-nursing. I am taking Microbiology this semester...and so far, it rocks! I am loving the class. The Professor is fantastic...encouraging, very hands-on in lab, website with lots of extra credit things to do, etc. Got a 90% on the first would have been 100% but I misread one question and realized it right after I turned it in. *sigh* I am also TA'ing for the Professor I had for Physiology last semester. Assisting in lab 3 hours a week and will be running weekly study groups with the other 2 TA's starting next Tuesday. After this semester I will have 18 units of Biology; 20 units is required for an official minor. So I will be talking to an advisor, and possibly adding a Bio minor.

Sociology is kicking my butt. I am taking Research Methods and Classical Theory. My Methods Professor had a baby on the 5th...only a few hours after class! So our lectures were canceled all this past week and next Tuesday as well. However, due dates have not been changed for any asignments! So, I have now done 2 asignments with no accompanying lecture, and have another due Tuesday! Just lovely.