Saturday, February 14, 2009


I am now a second semester junior. As it stands now my majors are officially Sociology and Pre-nursing. I am taking Microbiology this semester...and so far, it rocks! I am loving the class. The Professor is fantastic...encouraging, very hands-on in lab, website with lots of extra credit things to do, etc. Got a 90% on the first would have been 100% but I misread one question and realized it right after I turned it in. *sigh* I am also TA'ing for the Professor I had for Physiology last semester. Assisting in lab 3 hours a week and will be running weekly study groups with the other 2 TA's starting next Tuesday. After this semester I will have 18 units of Biology; 20 units is required for an official minor. So I will be talking to an advisor, and possibly adding a Bio minor.

Sociology is kicking my butt. I am taking Research Methods and Classical Theory. My Methods Professor had a baby on the 5th...only a few hours after class! So our lectures were canceled all this past week and next Tuesday as well. However, due dates have not been changed for any asignments! So, I have now done 2 asignments with no accompanying lecture, and have another due Tuesday! Just lovely.