Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The current semester is coming to a close. 3 1/2 weeks counting finals week, and it's done. I'm feeling a little sad...this is IT at this school for me. I graduate 5/24 and head of to "the big kids school" in the fall. I'm enrolled and have registered for my fall classes...Physiology, Poli Sci and two upper division Sociology classes. On Friday I went to orientation. Part of the day was spent with an advisor in each student's major department...got some great advise. I had planned on doing a double major...earning my BA in Sociology while earning my BS in nursing. That has changed. I am still a pre-nursing and Sociolog double major...I will still complete my nursing prereqs (two remaining), but I'm not applying to the BSN program...and in about 3 1/2 years (give or take) I will be a nurse. How's that going to work you ask? I'm so glad you asked! I am now going to complete my BA in Sociology then do the Direct Entry Master's Nursing program! This program is designed specifically for people who have earned a Bachelor's in something other than nursing...but want to be a nurse. The program is 18 months long and all graduates are eligible to take the NCLEX and are eligible to enter the NP program. I'm excited about this new direction!