Sunday, February 20, 2011

Neglected blog

It has been nearly two years since I last posted. In that time I have graduated (Dec. 17, 2010) with a BA in Sociology and a Biology minor. I worked my hind end off and pulled a 3.491 Cum GPA...I was shooting for a 3.5 so I was a little disappointed. This is a seriously major accomplishment since my GPA was somewhere around a 1.0 (or lower) when I finally pulled myself together and started succeeding in school. After transferring to the 4-year University, I have a 3.82 in the last 75 units.

My BA is done. My Bio minor is done. I am taking classes at the local Community College to keep my loans deferred. I have applied to a few programs. I'm looking at Direct entry masters programs...with FNP as end result. I am getting very frustrated. Some programs have prereqs that are considered nursing classes in CA; I can't take them until I'm in a program, but they are prereqs for some programs...catch-22.

I feel I am an excellent candidate. I have overcome serious obstacles in my life, and I believe my transcripts and C.V. reflect that...IF I would be given the opportunity to talk about it. The essays don't allow me to do that. The programs want a specific question answered, or they want a goal statement in 200 words or one asks for a personal statement. I'm frustrated. I did not get accepted to my "oh what the heck, I'll give it a shot" school (not particularly surprised), but I also did not get accepted to my first choice "this program and I are an absolute perfect match" school. I'm frustrated. I don't know how to make my seemingly mediocre credentials reflect how awesome they actually are.

I just want to go to nursing school...somewhere! My self-esteem was pretty sucks right about now.


Raine said...

which was the perfect match school? Dont let it affect your self esteem, you have done fantastic and sooner or later someone will let you in. Some you havent even applied for yet dont forget!

Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

Hang in there and maybe consider online programs. I did mine while I continued to work full time as a floor nurse. It was hard but I am glad when I was finally done.