Saturday, August 18, 2007


I'm a struggling, pre-nursing student. Actually, my grades indicate I am not struggling too much, but it certainly feels like a struggle to me. I am at the point where I have core sciences to take, and that's it if I want to go for an ADN. However, I am also at the point where I have to make some decisions. I'm not entirely sure I WANT to go for the ADN. Would going for the BSN be better? I'm not sure. The school I am at now only offers the ADN. The school one town over offers BSN and Master's...and one town over is more like a suberb than another town, so it really isn't far to travel.

If I go for the ADN (and get in to the program right away) I will be done in three years. One year to finish core sciences and two years for the nursing program. If I decide to go for the BSN (and get in to the nursing program right away) I will be done in four years. One year to finish core sciences and transfer requirements (which I have been taking already) and three years for the nursing program. I could do the ADN and then bridge to the BSN...that would take five years though. I'm not quite sure how that works, but it's three years to get the ADN and then two additional years for the the year of prep I am doing. The last option is to get the ADN and call it a day. I think I need to hear from some RN's!! I need advice, stories, real-life issues...etc.


Nurse Practitioners Save Lives said...

You probably already know what my advice would be.. Go as far as you would want to go. I did the traditional route and started with the three year Associate in Science in nursing (first year pre-reqs and two year RN program). I worked for almost a year and then took my BSN and MSN online finishing as a Family Nurse Practitioner. I knew going in where I wanted to end up. If your goals are just to do RN then great but I always encourage to go higher. Good luck in your decision!

Kim said...

My advice: get the ADN and then go part-time for the BSN, even going online for it.

1. You will be making money as an RN faster.
2. You will be getting valuable perspective that will make your BSN classes even more relevant to you.
3. IF you can get into the ADN without spending more than three years. If you have to go on a waiting list for the ADN, then try for the BSN instead. I would not spend more than three years to get the ADN. Of course, you can apply to both programs and see what you are accepted to and then decide what is better. If you KNOW that you want that BSN and it will take longer than three years to do the ADN, then go for the BSN.

Does that make sense? : )

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